Bryan Livingston

July 31st, 2012


I’m a small business owner and computer programmer living Lehi, Utah.

I’ve got a strong intrest in web development, AI, game programming and occasionally politics.

I’m married to a hair-stylist named Amy and have five wonderful children, Brookelyn, Vincent, Brenin, Ryker and Cloey.


Cool Text – This site will produce neat logos and such for you to use.
Cool Text Blog

Global Combat is a Risk like web based game in which turns are taken simultaneously

Babel Project – A Language for talking with computers

Asteria – A 2D Sandbox Platformer

Cool Template – Web Template Designer

Cool Template Blog

Smote – A 2D Web Game

Past Projects

Vector Studio – Vector Drawing Application

XNA Sharp NES – An NES emulator for the xbox 360 and the very first emu for the 360 - A web based tradewars like game. I put the source in the public domain

Gimp for Linux Bible - A book I wrote part of. I wrote the programming chapters.

Death of Kenny - My very first web site. - A Modern Heirarchy Standard for Linux and other OSes - An XML replacement I started to design

Ovorp - The worlds most Powerful 2D Game Engine (really)

Chat Works – Provided free web based chat for your sites.

Zenny – A universal virtual currency that is “backed” by spent CPU cycles.

Dream Roll – Open RSS Aggregator


My son Vincent is playing with a new site over at


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